Play Hansel & Gretel at NetEnt Casinos

By 23 January 2021

Hansel & Gretel slot game is among the very few fairytales that have been told throughout the ages. NetEnt, through its video slot, evokes the great memories by retelling the story about the two kids who came across an amazing candy cabin after they had been left deep in the forest by their parents. Most people are quite familiar with the dramatic shoving of the witch into their own oven and the use of breadcrumbs to retrace paths. This excitement is demonstrated by NetEnt as can be seen in .

The Story Behind Hansel and Gretel

After their father and step mother abandoned them in the middle of woods twice, Hansel and Gretel had to find ways to survive. On the first day, Hensel proved smart enough to collect some pebbles in a bid to leave a trail back home. However, this wasn't the case on the second day. All he was left with on the second day was a piece of bread that was tragically consumed by birds. As justified in , they eventually found their way back home and lived happily thereafter.

At the time the two little kids were lost in the woods, they relentlessly kept walking in the woods in the hope of finding there way back home. They were not able to locate a point of recognition and, as such, ended up in candy and gingerbread-made house where they were offered a meal by the old, friendly owner of the place. The two kids later came to learn that the seemingly friendly place wasn't what it seemed to be as it turned out to be quite dangerous.


Hansel & Gretel game Description

Hansel and Gretel is a 10-payline, 5-reel video slot from NetEnt game provider. its slot design exposes true artistry that fills the player with childhood memories. Not only are the reels transparent but they are also set against night landscape. Magical sounds follow the entire gameplay, making the game a nice encounter for the player. You can enjoy the game entirely for free and horn your skills before playing for real money. You'll need to set your bets before joining the two children on their adventure.

Enjoying the Sugar Rush

Although Hansel & Gretel doesn't have standard symbols and many paylines, it has numerous bonuses and unique features. This, in essence, makes Hansel & Gretel a video slot plentiful of gameplay variety. When playing, a punter may find some stacked wilds on the screen that cover the whole reel. This implies that in addition to being paid for the wins that the substitutes help them enable them to complete, they also get an additional free spin with the wild column. Random effects during spins occur in:

  • Wonder spin
  • Fairy surprise
  • Wild spin

The treasure chest symbol in Hansel & Gretel primarily triggers fantastic additional features. Whenever a player hits three of the icons all at once, they are asked to [ick their treasure in a bid to unlocking one of the three bonuses. In this case, a player can land the Candy house Bonus which, in essence, allows them to choose three out of the 15 candies. This further allows a player to pick a candy and claim what is revealed or simply take the average of the hidden prizes.