Introduction to NetEnt

By 25 October 2020

NetEnt slots come from the famous NetEnt casino provider. NetEnt casinos have characteristic high RTP and different bonuses to keep you entertained. Visit to see some of the newest NetEnt slots. That is why a lot of players prefer NetEnt slots. However, winning a NetEnt slot is not a walk in the park. A lot of people have lost their fortune on their first day. Others have gone the extra mile to say NetEnt slots are rigged. What they lack is the strategy to use when playing. Here are some of the proven tactics you can employ and win a NetEnt slot.

Select a Generous Machine

Some slot are more profitable than others. Such slots have high RTP and fair wagering requirements. You can visit to see some of the best slots in this category. To identify a profitable slot, it is good to play on a demo mode. There are three different states (moods) of slots. Hot mood - It means previous players lost a lot of money. The prize pool has a positive balance. Such a slot has the potential to "fire" huge win any time. Cold Mode slot. Such slot has a prize pool with a negative balance. It has paid a lot of money recently and needs compenstation.

Slots in cold mode guarantee you no win at all. Neutral slots have a zero balance in their prize pool. The amount of recent loses and winnings is the same. You should also avoid such slots since they will gradually reduce your account balance. A slot on hot mode is ideal to play. Well, let's assume you are trying several slots on demo mode. A slot that keeps giving a lot of winnings and also triggering bonus features is considered as "hot". If the slot keeps taking away your money in different denominations, then it is on "cold" mode.

Obtaining Mathematical Calculation of a Slot

You can know the probability of withdrawing your winnings at a slot by obtaining the mathematical explanation. In fact, it is legal. You will not violate the rules of the slot. For you to be accurate, it is good to select a casino with an RTP of above 97% and a bonus with a wagering requirement of 40x or bellow. Using such a strategy guarantees you to get small but stable profits. However, most of the casino studios does not host NetEnt slots with high RPT of above 97.5 and also those with the possibility of completing the wagering requirement of the bonus. since they fear going bankrupt.

  • It is good to study the wagering conditions of the bonus.
  • Always participate in most profitable promotions.

The provider will always provide you with information about RTP and the wagering requirement. However, information such as the dispersion of the winning and the length of the wining cycle remains hidden. Every casino will try to give a negative mathematical explanation. They always try to make a player lose at the end. Playing a high RTP with a minimum wagering requirement gives you the ability to exhaust the requirement and withdraw the bonuses. Always study the wagering conditions of any bonus. You might trigger a bonus but require you to go infinite cycles before making it withdrawable.

Conclusion and Verdict

As we wind up, we have seen some of the strategies you can use to win a NetEnt casino. For you to be a safer side, it is good to select a slot with an RTP of above 97% and also a wagering requirement of 40X. By so doing, you have a higher chance of winning. Practising the demo version of a slot is the safest way to try different slots without losing your money. Only wager the real cash when you are familiar with the slot. If you follow those strategies to the letter, you will walk out of NetEnt slots with a profit.